Free Online Education

Like learning? Want to get a college degree or certificate? There are all kinds of classes for free on the Internet? Let’s discuss a few web sites that are about this very subject.

Open Culture-


Here’s just a taste of what this site has to offer.

Free books are granted through here. For some of the courses offered the student may have to buy a book. However, check out the free books first.

There are over 1,000 offered at Open Culture. This includes foreign languages offered by, plus other course offerings for languages not included in is directed to other sites through this portal site.

Be sure and visits

Yes here’s an online banking service, Bankrate, that actually discusses how to attend college for free. Yes, it is actually for free.

Some of the suggestions are:

  • Try out for FAFSA, the student federal aid for USA citizens.
  • Serve in the USA Military
  • Then try for local scholarships.

Go to the link for to get more information and suggestions:


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