Man Keeps New Years Resolution and Defeats Satan in The Process

by Greg Miller

Joshua waited until the middle of January to make his New Year’s resolution.

“I wanted to allow myself enough time to make a resolution I can resolve to keep,” Joshua told Pastor John, the minister of the church he attended.

“So what is your resolution?” asked Pastor John.

“I plan to read through the entire Bible by Dec. 31,” Joshua replied.

“A mighty lofty goal, Bro. Joshua. But aren’t you getting a slow start?”

“Not at all, Pastor. There’s plenty of time. I’ll probably do some extra reading for the next couple of weeks. Then it’s just a matter of dedication and consistency. The Sovereign Lord will help me to accomplish my goal.”

Joshua prayed, “Lord, I ask you to give me a hunger for your Word. Give me an appetite for your righteousness and the life-changing power of your Word.”

Setting a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible through by the end of the year was nothing new for Joshua. For at least 20 years, Joshua tried to accomplish that goal. He would begin the year full of determination and enthusiasm. He tried several reading plans, but always failed in his attempts.

Joshua set his sights on a higher level of success for the current year. He told Pastor John, “I also plan to do some extra reading and studying.”

Pastor John promised, “I’ll pray every day that God will help you to accomplish your goal.”

Joshua began diligently reading God’s Word. By the end of January, he had finished the book of Genesis. By the end of June, he had read all of the Old Testament.

Satan tried to discourage Joshua. The devil whispered, “You’ve done a real good job so far this year. Why not take a short break, just a couple of weeks. You can get some extra sleep, then pick up where you left off.

Joshua didn’t recognize Satan’s trap, so he yielded to the temptation. After a couple of days, however, Joshua could sense a lack of power and purpose. “Your trickery didn’t work this time, did it, Satan?” asked Joshua.

Satan was furious, and he had another trick up his evil sleeve. Every day, Lucifer told one of his trusted lieutenants to tell Joshua, “You’re too tired to read today,” or “Watching the news is more important than reading today.”

Joshua resisted the temptations, and he continued with his reading schedule. By the end of the year, he had read the entire Bible twice.

Joshua told Pastor John, “Not only have I learned Satan is a liar and the father of lies, he is also the biggest loser the world has ever seen!”

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By Greg Miller  2017

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