Entertainment 2 Videos

WebSpeak Ezine investigates the web. Just for the fun of it the staff decided to look for videos that are an alternative to YouTube.

The following is a Curious George video from http://www.veoh.com.  There are also free movies to watch on this particular website. TV shows are here, too. All free to watch. The name of the site is Veoh. There are even some in a wide range of foreign languages.This is one of the alternatives to YouTube.

The following is from Vimeo. You will find a link to Vimeo at the following these two videos.

The videos are titled My Beary Best Friend and Dust Buddies. Both videos are made by Ringling Computer Animation.


This one is very scary. It is the adventures or misadventures of a dust bunny.

Dust Buddies from Ringling Computer Animation on Vimeo.


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