Feelings of Thankfulness May Help You Live Longer!

By Tina Finn

Thankfulness from your heart is a powerful mechanism that can inspire miracles, create life and conquer dreams. It is a feeling that should be embraced throughout every moment of your day. Reaching from a place of gratitude in everything you do can take your life to its highest high and even science is proving it may help you live longer.

During the Thanksgiving holiday we celebrate our thankfulness of Country and American freedom. Many ponder the place in their life, and have joy for what’s been given, while others experience the rush of a bustling season about to give way. Slowing down to truly appreciate is not a common reaction for most, especially here in Southern California where this letter from my heart originates.

The other day I asked a client what they were thankful for and they thought for a moment, wondering what that had to do with anything. The point is, I explained, “We can say we are thankful for many things, yet until we experience the feelings of gratitude our giving thanks is gone without impact.” The energy, which delivers the impact to back up any statement, is felt in the heart. “It must come from your heart,” I added.

There is a powerful chemical in our system that is responsible for the functioning and balancing of our hormones, it’s what we call, DHEA. It’s at higher levels when we are young and significantly decreases as we age. It’s known as the “fountain of youth.” It got this notoriety when levels of DHEA were found to be significantly lower in people with type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, AIDS, adrenal insufficiency, kidney disease and anorexia. Muscle mass also decreases with lower levels of DHEA.

Your body produces this powerful chemical naturally, yet, slows down production as we age. However, further studies have shown, this does not have to be the case. There have been found higher levels of DHEA in people over 70 than sometimes those in their twenties. How can this be? What may cause some to maintain higher levels of DHEA then others? Well, it’s a heart thing!

Your body produces DHEA when you, here it is, think from your heart. Thinking from your heart is an emotional response to your thoughts. When you’re emotional response generates feelings of gratitude, these good feelings trigger the production of DHEA.

So many benefits can be realized when you communicate from your heart. Emotions are always triggered from your thoughts. But, feelings take a moment to develop. As you race through a list of things for which you’re thankful, you may not be achieving your best feelings of gratitude. Even saying thank you or “thanks” to someone without really connecting to the thought for a moment can rob you of a wonderful opportunity.

Unfortunately, as a society, we are not encouraged to think from our heart. The heart is a magnificent blessing. Utilizing its powerful energies can benefit us in ways we have yet to even begin to estimate. Understanding the impact of your feelings and choosing to engage in the thoughts of gratitude will always serve you, increasing your life, health and vitality.

Most people don’t take the time to connect with their thoughts, or have an easier time connecting with negative ones. You know that love feels better than hate and joy better than sadness. Those are extremes and generate very opposite feelings. What about the feelings we can generate with a simple, “Thank you.” It is up to you to recognize each thought as an opportunity and take a moment to engage in the best feelings from it.

So, whether it’s Thanksgiving Day or every day, make your moments truly sparkle with heartfelt expressions of giving thanks!

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